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At A and D PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, we are committed to providing our clients with the best end-to-end solutions, creating a lasting imprint in their mode of operation of business. We are a trusted and reliable supplier in the packaging industry, known for our consistent performance and ability to stay ahead in competitive times.


A&D truly has the most complete line of Nutrition & Wellness Packaging solutions in the industry, available in a variety of materials including HDPE, PET, & PP, and an array of closure options. Whether your product is a tablet, capsule, liquid, health supplements or powder, we have the market expertise and are able to offer you a variety of options that support your specific brand image. In addition, our flexible manufacturing platform allows us to make changes in the production schedule allowing us to ensure reliable supply, support surge capacity, and grow and adjust with you as your business.


We understand the stringent requirements for healthcare packaging, and want to make healthcare professions easier and safer. All bottles and jars produced for healthcare customers are made with FDA-approved resins and colorants. We also maintain a Drug Master File for the convenience of our pharmaceutical customers.


Personal Care products demand unique packaging solutions which impart premium appearance to the product. We make sure to use the most appropriate and innovative materials for your cosmetic or personal care packaging thus preserving the contents of the product in its best physical state and prolonging shelf life. We provide a wide range of packaging options tailor made for your product and its packing line.


A and D Packaging serves the needs of diverse markets, and one of the most dynamic is the food and beverage segment. Customers in this industry must weigh food safety, product shelf life, consumer convenience and distribution costs when they consider any packaging change. They must also meet competitive price points. We also maintain a library of PET preforms ideal for the food and beverage segment. Using these existing preforms, we can create new packages at a fraction of the cost and in substantially less time than it would take to create new preforms and blow molds.


We offer a variety of bottles, jars, jugs and sprayer bottles that are ideal for household use. Our PET and HDPE bottles and jars are manufactured in state of the art facilities which lower shipping costs and assure timely delivery.


Some of the most well-established brands rely on us for plastic containers with the strength and material composition that their household chemical and cleaning products demand. Our household containers and closures have the modern aesthetics, durability, and visual appeal that make a product stand out on the shelf. Our Liquid detergent bottle are manufactured using HDPE plastic materials specifically for their formidable and inert barrier.


When shipping and handling caustic industrial compounds, there’s nothing more important than using the safest, most reliable containers. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing our production processes are carefully monitored for quality and consistency at every step, including a post-production performance test to confirm the strength and integrity of our containers.


These bottles are made by using high quality plastic that is treated to make them resistant to chemicals. Offered bottles have accurate shape and size that is possible with help of innovative bottle making machine. Our bottles are available in a variety of sizes as per clients' demands. Highly demanded in laboratory and medical institutions, these Chemical Laboratory Bottles are ideal to pack chemicals in safe manner and prevent them from outer impacts with their leakage proof nature and tight lid.


We are focused on creating safe packaging, catering to the diverse plastic bottle packaging needs of the agrochemical industry including fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators or fumigants. We offer mono layer and barrier container options in PET, PP, LDPE and HDPE plastic bottles, jerrycans, jars and buckets. We conform to the highest standards of quality to meet maximum shelf life requirements. We have a vast product portfolio and these designs come in spill proof, induction sealed waded caps. We also offer pilfer proof packaging for extended freshness of the agricultural chemical packaging.

Choose us for industry-leading container packaging solutions, expert technical support, and a commitment to quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your maximum potential with the best available resources.

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